34 Mainstream Films Where The Actors Are Really Hooking Up

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Not sure if you knew, but until the 1960s, real, un-simulated sex was banned by the U.S. law and the Motion Picture Production Code. Even though you might think that the sex scenes in movies re simulated, sometimes the actors actually have real sex. And by the words of the movie experts, the difference between movies with explicit sexual content and porn movies is that the first ones have something other than sex, for example a story, and sex is a side thing… While porns are all about “WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA’AM!”

So, we decide to present to you the movies that feature actual, un-simulated sex scenes! All the images were taken from imdb.com.

Enjoy, but try not to enjoy too much…



Al Pacino was the star of this movie, which was actually trashed because many saw it as homophobic. The story follows a serial killer who hates and kills homosexual men. It features bloody murder scenes, but it also features scenes of men having actual sex. As if that wasn’t enough, the sets were also “beautified” with phallic symbols… This movie is all about d*cks…

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