20 Worst Cases Of Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong, Destroyed Their Looks!

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Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is an American actress. The daughter of actress Tippi Hedren and former stage actor Peter Griffith, she rose to prominence for her role in Brian De Palma’s Body Double (1984), which earned her a National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress.

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  • Shouldve gotten surgery in Korea. Plastic surgery technology and equipments are far superior and doctors are far more experienced than in US

    • If you take a walk in Gangnam you will get shock. You will see woman have same faces. They have plastic surgery but copy each other model.

    • victor hugo abrahan

      esas vieja rubia son de terror uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy que miedo que tengo son horribles quien sera el medico que la arruino que cara de culo



  • Courtney only looks the way she does from all that heroin she shoots up and guilt of her killing her ex-husband Kurt.

  • Those pictures just shows what money/fame can do to you. Surgeons responsible should know better.

  • Grey looks fantastic. The only problem with her nose job was that it made her suddenly unrecognizable. No-one could tell she was the actress from Dirty Dancing. For this reason it has been called the worst nose job of all time. Other than that, though, her new nose looks fantastic and natural, and she looks absolutely fabulous.
    Love has had her nose bridge base widened so it makes her nose look a bit swollen.
    And a lot of the women have had the lower part of their faces injected with fillers, making their lips look peculiarly swollen and puffed.
    Fergie looks like she’s holding a lot of bubblegum in her mouth (cheeks).

  • not so she is jus what she ‘re

  • Ohhhhh chancho culiao que se puso !!! haaaa ajajajajajajajajaa

  • Faizan

  • Pamela Denise Anderson is example of GOOD plastic surgery.

    • I think Pamela Anderson looks great…not sure why she’s on there. And Courtney Love looks the same as always.

  • You left out Barry Manilow and Wayne Newton, who are too awful to look at. And Pam Anderson doesn’t belong in this category.

  • As for the from Guns & Roses that wasn’t plastic surgery… he just got fat’n’old !!!!!!

  • Where is Sylvester Stallone?

  • I think she got what she wanted

  • Os melhores cirurgioes plastico do mundo estão no Brasil.!- Ivo pitangui-volney pitombo,Helio caprio,DR.holioody

  • Joan Rivers is not very different, i wouldn’t even suspect any surgery there. It’s just the same woman on both photos, the first one is just a better photo made from more flattering angle and with better lighting, and her makeup is better also.

    • Me, Myself, and I

      Joan Rivers changed drastically. The problem here is that they didn’t post a REAL “before” photo. If you don’t remember her at the beginning of her career (maybe you’re too young), when she would appear on the Ed Sullivan Show and Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show (1960s), just check out Google Images for “young Joan Rivers”. There are loads of photos, mostly b&w. I preferred her back then: she was cute and perky, and her face had character and expressiveness, perfect for a comedienne. In her later years, she was unrecognizable.

  • Pamela Anderson doesn’t look bad at all

  • I transform myself into the monster of reptiles

  • They are comparing the “now” with pictures taken, when they were just barely out of their teen years! Even without plastic surgery, they wouldn’t look like that anymore…

  • Nn posso próprio capire come una persona che é bella, c´é soldi, prestigio e diventa una cosa tanto brutta, x sua propria scelta. Bohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Thanks For Your Kind And Valuable Sharing of such information. I sometimes afraid about plastic surgery, but after reading your article it relief me. Some celebrities are obsessed with plastic surgeries and most of the famous celebrities are well by their successful plastic surgery. In a nut shell we have to take care and aware about this plastic surgery. Thanks Again……

    • all this people are 20 or 30 years more old, what do you want????? please !!!! axel have 50 kg more, doctor is not guelty for that…. lol

  • I think most were obsessed with Jack Nicholson’s face as ‘The Joker’ in Batman. They have adjusted their cheeks and mouth area to look like him. JN is a great actor. Influences and inspires many.

  • Actually Donatella looks good when she was young and in my opinion she should not pulled her face here and there so much so there was no flesh to pull anymore, thus, she looked like that ! Poor rich girl with plenty of money, with such a face, I just feel sorry for her.

  • We’re living in a sick world !!!

  • Where is Ridge from Bold and Beautiful, his plastic surgery is just frightening.

  • Donatella Versace = Lord Voldemort

  • Botho Tutuna Kelesitse


  • ramesh shrestha

    Hlo i m a student of 22 years frm nepal. I hav a problem of pimples since 6 7 years. Actualy apeared on my face when i was jst 15. So at that time g was unknon about this. And i started touching it . So it became about 7 year now pimple had stoped coming but my face is so much damaged that i dont know how can i turn my face to its original stage. There r mny smal type holes on my face due to which i canot talk n travel also. So plse give me any ideas that would realy change my face. I woud be loking for ur suggestions.,.

    • @ramesh Shrestha, talk about pimples it reminds me of rough face johny depp when he got just stucked from the dark dusty cave in his pirate exploration.his face was grated in harsh root of mine. in my opinion the pimples is just a miniature creature which is naturally formed from under layer skin of flogged fat, my suggestion is for you to go to the nearby facial clinic or go to Susmitha sen beautY center at Bombay Hatraj avenue(the recommended beauty station) to hv the skin back in its smooth n fine texture, formula wax in titanium oxide sandpaper has the most fast result nor effect in just a few second after treatment.

  • And most of their careers suffered because they became unrecognizable. Think if Helen Mirren had gone that route. She wouldn’t have been able to play Queen Elizabeth and win an Oscar. And Dame Helen is still Her Royal Hotness. Hope the plastic surgery addiction has finally subsided.

  • We’re living in a sick world !!!

  • It’s alive!

  • very bad, look old and dread full !!!

  • MD Danish Ahmad

    i like its
    very good

  • Some of them are just “celebrities who got ugly when got old”. Because the cirguries weren’t so bad.

  • grof monte cristo

    this looks so demn bad that my niece will probably had nightmares

  • Heidi Montag looks like a ugly Young maggot first. But then she get them big tittes make her look fiiine as heeelllll. And that face is guud tuuuu

  • Axl do guns e um homem ate onde eu sei acerta iss ai meu!!

  • i like the tan that she use woow very nice

  • those ‘re just the clear pagan behavior proofs, the women with their pagan activity, based on their soggy mindset of sombre surplus assets have been played in their own somersault sight, to hv a soft buttock flog from false socket surgery.its just outrageously showing how they hv became an ingratitude servant, modified the thing that has already fitly made which is has been clinically discovered of its complex risks afterward.

  • Hi
    first understnd dz phenomena dt is evryone is beautifl wit own beauty y do they go beyound dat just mak sm diff. With natural methods cz dats suitabl for all even for dark ugly ppl too.
    Shd tnk and cre abt des tngs latr stag dey may end up with unsorts of sufferings dat can even caus a threat to deir lyf may b dnt b go crzy for sake of good i left dz msg


  • Nissa_Skywalker

    Lil’ Kim looks more Asian now. lol

  • Where is Putin?!

  • I think Cher is great for her age!!!

  • Remember guys its called plastic surgery!!!!

  • Jennifer Grey – way better after the surgeries. And so were some others. This list is total bull****

  • sometime when God don’t want things to happing that how it will be .Our God made u n them u want to make yourself look different at was very good for het

  • Plastic surgery was a life choice. You decide to plastic surgery means ready to accept all the risks. Okey bebeh..

  • you should not mess with God’s creation, this is why they look like this, disgusting.

  • Ellen Adverderada

    I think its not plastic surgery, they just got old!

  • Don’t feel sorry for these people. They have so much money, they don’t know what to do with it and start doing crazy things. They are rich, famous, (no complains about being in the picture) some are good looking, but they are never satisfied. So they spend money on things they don’t need, like plastic surgery.
    And yes, sometimes it goes wrong. I see it as being punished for being stupid, there are far better ways to spend their money in a much proper way.

  • this is all bad. nature have make every body perfect.there is not need to change it. God should not be chellenged . they are facing the consequesnces in this world and will also face after death

  • buscando la perfección ilusoria de la belleza…se convierten en lo que en realidad le temen….

  • Many people search for perfection end up losing track. Was beautiful and it was ugly, it needs to think carefully before making because no return.

  • Bad for them. They don’t want to grow old, let them remember the day they will pass away.

  • My god, people. Take it easy 90% of these pictures are age, too close to post-op, unflattering photos, or some combination of the above.

  • OMG! Did you remember Mickey Rourk in “9 1/2 weeks” with Kim Basinger? And now.. TRGAEDY!

  • Janice Doreen Dickinson looks like an alien after the plastic surgery.

  • It sucks to feel u ugly
    Why else would one ever wanna change he or she looks?
    Docs spoiled patients like Janice Doreen


  • Why change, why want to be diffirent, why want to special,,,.. Wrong idea,

  • Monika Schmidt

    they look like a caricature of itself, faces without expression, without respect for themselves. What kind of misery and hopelessness show us this faces.

  • Esa señora me da pena! Yo le sugeriría , se cambiara el look: Se arregle la nariz, cambie de tono de pelo, se haga un corte y se cubra la frente; una buena exfoliada nio le vendrìa mal y que se reduzca los labios. No es bonita! ni luce bien de rubia.

  • Graciela Zavala Salinas

    OMG la rubia Donatella, quedo arruinada, taaanto dinero iaaaanta cirugíammm me quedo con mis arrugas

  • Everybody gets ugly when they grow old – plastic surgery or no plastic surgery.
    But is beauty the most important thing in the world so that ones worth is judged based on that.

    No wonder people get plastic surgery

    • Resident Idiot

      No everyone does not get ugly with age. I have seen people who are not actresses or actors age very gracefully even after a very hard life. Celebrities fear aging and they desperately seek for ways to stay in the limelight. Just accept when your time is past move on to bigger and better things. Don’t ruin what you were originally given. There is a reason why you were born that way. Some celebrities start as young as 18 playing around with plastic surgery, and then things really begin to go downhill fast from there. You can push and pull all you want but you will age and FYI extra substances added to your body will remain hanging there awkwardly and unnaturally making you look hideous and funny. A very good example can be seen in people who have tattooed themselves to death, wait until things start to sag….sheesh it is a mess! Natural is the way to go I wonder when these idiots will get that. In the meantime let them provide material for the rest of us to laugh, no sympathy whatsoever for fools like these!!!!

  • OMG she used to look pretty but now, sorry, to say her face is full of plastic! Sad !

  • She looks like the Zombie Apocalypse.
    How can they keep her in office as “fashion designer” after what she “designed” on her face?
    Can anybody buy anything from a firm that employs such monsters?
    Maybe suicidal “emo”‘s with black tattoos and threaded spikes in their genitals.

  • What’s the best way to deal with zombies? Flame throwers? Oh wait it looks she’s been through a Napalm bombing already.
    She needs a stronger “medicine”. Maybe a thermal lance.

  • Vice president of the high-fashion brand Versace, Donatella, 54, has gone through a series of surgeries since the 1990s. Among other adjustments, her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips, and her trademark swollen smackers have scored her a spot on nearly every list of plastic surgery faux pas over the past few years though there’s no real published evidence that Versace herself is unhappy with the changes.


    Donatella was very attractive….Bfore they put a Halloween mask on her. Sorry to be mean, but even though she doesn’t need the money, she should SUE SUE SUE!! Give the millions that you win to talk normal, attractive people out of butchering their God-given natural beauty!!!

  • To be honest, I don’t think it’s Versace’s plastic surgery that’s ruining her Look. OK, the lip augmentation is a bit overdone. And her eyes actually look smaller than they did–an all-too-common result of poor eyelid-lift surgery. And yes, I’d guess that she can’t move most of her facial muscles because they’ve been injected with Botox. But on the whole, Versace’s surgery isn’t as awful as it could be. I think it’s mostly her color choices that need to be rethought. Her makeup colors and yellow-blonde hair and eyebrows just don’t suit her skin tone; she looked much better as a platinum blonde with natural brows.

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